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There are a lot of people who are suffering from depression without even realizing it. So, if you have been feeling sad or unhappy for more than a few weeks and have lost interest in the activities that you used to enjoy to the point that your daily routine is affected, then you may be suffering from depression. Of course, if you want to know for sure whether or not you are actually suffering from depression, you should take a depression test.

The Goldberg Depression Test

While there are a lot of different depression test available, the most popular one is the Goldberb depression test. This was developed by Dr. Ivan Goldberg. It consists of 18 questions. Each of the questions are answered according to a sliding scale of responses. In this depression test you will answer according to the way that you have felt during the previous week. Once you have answered all of the questions, your score will be tallied and your final score will indicate if you are depressed. Of course, this depression test is also useful in checking whether or not the symptoms are improving. This is because any change of 5 points or more in either direction is significant.

The Beck Depression Test

This is another popular depression test that is used by many mental health professionals. It is based upon 21 questions that are closely related to the symptoms of depression as outlined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Each of the responses is based upon how the person has felt over the past 2 weeks. These questions are then given a score, which is added together to provide you with a final score. This depression test will provide you with some indication of how you view the way in which you are functioning both psychologically and physically. It also will indicate how you are coping each day.


You need to remember that a depression test can provide you with a reliable diagnosis. So, if you or someone you know may be suffering from depression, you should take this depression test so that you can take the information with you when you visit your doctor. They will be able to use this depression test to accurately diagnose you and to help you find the the right method for dealing with your depression. Besides the factors that are indicated by the test, your doctor may be able to find other factors that could cause you to feel the way that you do.

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