It is natural to feel low sometimes.  This is different from being depressed though.  Usually depression is brought on by events that occur in a person’s life that are both difficult and painful.  For this reason depression and mood swings can be distinguished from one another.

Of course, an external event does not have to trigger the symptoms of depression.  This is what makes depression difficult for both patients and their families to understand.  These families definitely tend to suffer right alongside of the one that they love.  Since there is not any external catastrophe that can be identified as the cause for the symptoms of depression the patience of these loved ones is often stretched to the limit.

Thankfully, psychotherapy can be used to treat most types of depression, including unipoloar, bipolar and winter depression.  In this therapy the doctor will try to help the patient to work through the events that have caused them to have these symptoms of depression or they may teach the patient how to completely avoid these things altogether.

The Symptoms Of Depressions

As was aforementioned, there are various forms of depression.  Each of these different types of depression brings along with it its very own symptoms of depression.  For instance, the symptoms of Unipolar Depression include feeling very low in the morning, waking up quite early, having insomniac tendencies and feeling depressed overall.  Then there is Bipolar Affective Depression and the symptoms of depression here include delusional thoughts about their own capacities.  Next, there is Winter Depression whose symptoms of depression include signs of depression that start in the fall or winter and then disappears in spring, meaning that this form of depression only lasts for up to 6 months.  During this time there is a lack of physical energy.

It is also important to understand that some prescription drugs are also able to cause a person to have the symptoms of depression.  These medicines are usually those that have a high element of cortisone, beta blockers and contraceptive pills.

Of course, there are some other common symptoms of depression.  These include feeling quite low overall.  This may be seen in a pronounced lack of interest in normal activities.  A person may also experience the loss of appetite, which will result in the loss of weight.  Of course, sometimes a person may have an increased appetite, which will result in weight gain.  A depressed person will also be unable to sleep well, be unable to concentrate, be indecisive, have a lower sexual drive, lack energy, and have a tendency of obsessing with thoughts of death.  These thoughts can also result in suicidal tendencies and attempts at suicide as well.

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